Cheapest Home Improvement Tips


Every homeowner considers home improvements. That’s because renovation creates a more comfortable, lively and relaxing feeling to every home. However, monetary issues and time allotment prevent them from executing renovation plans. That is why many of them tend to look for an affordable and accessible home renovation idea. So in this article, we made a list of home improvement projects that homeowners may find possible given with a tight budget and time.

  • Wallpaper For Wall Decor – It is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to bring new life to the house interior. It will only cost about less than $250. It is less messy than a paint job, and it only requires basic knowledge to apply. There are a wide variety of designs that homeowners can choose to suit their aesthetic senses.


  • New Paint Job – Having a new paint job is quite an affordable home improvement project. A gallon of paint only costs as much as $15 to $30. It can cover an average size house for a consumable 10 to 15 gallons of paint. A rough estimate of a new paint house job will cost $400 to $600 at most if homeowners do the painting themselves. Not only does it give the house a beautifying effect, but it also increases its market value (in case there’s a plan of selling it).
  • Lightings – Changing the old incandescent light with CFLs or LED lights is a must. It saves energy as well as the electric bill. The items don’t cost much and may take quite a long time of usage. It is energy efficient and easy to install. It’s one of the practical things to do when the house feels a little bit dark, lonely, and crowded.


  • Garden And Landscaping – The idea of creating a landscape or putting a lawn is an affordable option to add value and natural beauty in your residence. However, it is somehow time-consuming albeit its affordability. Seeds and soil are easy and cheap to acquire, but planning and building the garden is another issue. Therefore, frequent checks and maintenance are needed. The good thing about this home improvement project is the source of natural and fresh outdoor ambiance.


  • Re-arranging The Furniture – All items in your home require a particular space, but it shouldn’t limit your creativity there. You can start home improvements by merely re-arranging the positions of the furniture. Find the right angles that will allow better airflow and good sunlight. This way, it can grant a more defined interior comfort and peace.


  • Crown Molding – Homeowners can get crown moldings for as cheap as $3 to $4 per foot. It provides a sophisticated design to the walls and ceilings’ meeting points. It creates an impression of broader house areas due to the illusion of higher looking ceilings. It gives the home an excellent visual approach, and it also makes every room feel a little less bland and boxy as well.


  • Hanging Wall Arts – Putting wall arts over the walls can give a definite increase in the interior design of the house. However, it is necessary to note that too much of everything is not good at all. Therefore, the right selection of materials should be taken into consideration. There are numerous wall arts which are affordable at some garage sales and some antique shops. And if you are an artist yourself, you can create your project as well.

Doing home improvement projects are not only beneficial for your home but to your satisfaction as well. However, always remember that overdoing it will give an opposite effect. Spend your money, effort, and time wisely and don’t start out without a renovation plan.