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An energy source such as electricity is a basic necessity for every household. It helps improve our quality of living. However, the cost for its usage is getting more expensive over time. It causes anxiety and a lot of stress, especially when it’s time to pay the bills. As a result, most citizens are trying their best to save energy to lower its monthly cost.


The Percentage Chart of Household Energy Consumption



Usually, a regular American household will pay as much as $1200 to $1700 annually for the electric bill. It may vary from different household usage, but we can break down the average energy consumption percentage as follows.

  • Air-conditioning and Heating 35%
  • Household devices and other appliances (Computers, TV, Laundry, etc.) 25%
  • Water heater 18%
  • The fridge 10%
  • The lights 5%
  • Cooking 4%
  • Standby Consumption and resistance 3%

Using the breakdown above as a reference, you can make possible plans on how to reduce the energy cost. Below are some of the pointers we can suggest.

  1. Replace old high-energy consuming appliances. One of the most excellent ways is to find the appliances that consume the most electric power and replace it with an energy efficient one. Old devices consume more energy than they should. Buying new air conditioner, boilers, or furnace to replace a 10-year-old predecessor will bring significant changes in the utility bill.


  1. Programmable Home Heaters can save as much as $200 annually for proper usage. The latest types of heaters will automatically turn off once the temperature is favorable and will start to function once again when the temperature turns colder. There are also apps you can run that can to keep its consumption under your control. The recent development in cooling and heating systems make it more energy efficient. Therefore, homeowners are sure to get more operating hours for a lesser amount and power from what the previous item provides.


  1. Homeowners can use the ceiling fan to improve room temperature rather than putting air conditioners in every corner of the house. It costs as much as a few cents a day. Its energy efficiency comes from its mechanism that locks and circulates the air from the inside of a room, which gives a cooling effect. However, homeowners should know the importance of its fan directions. Ceiling fans should rotate clockwise if its winter so the air can cool up and gets pushed up in the ceiling. Meanwhile, it should be on a counter-clockwise rotation in summer so it can function in reverse.
  1. Use LED or CFL lighting because these lights are excellent energy savers. They provide the same white lighting as fluorescent lights but with less heat. Additionally, they last longer in comparison to its predecessor. If you have lights that are not LED (light-emitting diode) or CFL (incandescent light bulbs), it is time to consider replacing them.


  1. Solar power is unlimited and free so considering it would be a great idea. Setting up a renewable clean power system for solar energy for a few lights or appliances will cut the bill significantly. It can help reduce fossil fuels and foreign oil dependency. Although it’s quite expensive to set up, it pays itself in the long run. Aside from that, it is environment-friendly.

There are significant and effective ways to lower the cost of energy bills. You have to find a way to cut back the power consumption. Learn and understand every product so you can have an idea on how much it takes up on energy. From there, make an alternative way of usage. It will not only help you save up tons from your bills, but it will also relieve you from the stress it gives.

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