The 2014 Milwaukee NARI Spring Home Improvement Show

In the last 2014 Milwaukee NARI Spring Home Improvement Show, people get to see tons of projects. There are bath and kitchen remodeling, flooring, painting, deck and patio making, gardening and lawn care, doors and window necessary repairs, and even home automation. Everything that entirely creates a new sense of home spirit was on the event.


What’s In The Event?

This year, the NARI Home Improvement Show at State Fair Park was always as good as its previous event. There’s a presentation spot on proper home gardening by Melinda Myers. People learn a lot about house planting and landscaping techniques as well. Aside from that, there is also a presentation for the best kitchen and bath materials that fit the homeowners’ lifestyle. It showcased the available, most affordable, and convenient materials homeowners can use in needed remodeling. Construction guru Nick Kerzner also shared some pointers for DIY projects too.


Special Attractions

A lot of people enjoyed looking at the NARI Gallery Projects where they showcased the 2019 color of the year displays. There are sample models of bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, garden, and a lot of the different corners of a beautiful and stylish house. Aside from getting an insight for both exterior and interior designs, the event also catered a game show for the attendees. Everyone enjoyed playing the game “Guess the Price.” There’s also SkillsUSA Teamwork Carpentry Competitions that showcased the talents and creativity of the carpenters who participated in the event. A former contestant of American Idol, Vinnie Heins was also part of the celebration as she performed musical entertainment in the park. The singing performance supported a good ambiance for the whole event.

The NARI Home Improvement show is as spectacular as always. Whether people want to customize a basic building construction, they will get the best expert advice and ideas from the event.