A Psychologist’s Tips On Choosing The Best Home Paint Colors

Psychologists always emphasize that the different colors we encounter every day have an impact on our daily lives. There is this term called ‘color psychology’ which associates colors with our perceptions and applies it to the real world. One application of this color psychology is in the painting of our houses and the interiors.

Each part of a home serves a purpose. This purpose, however, will be at its optimum if the interior design, most notably it’s color, will be psychologically beneficial to the dwellers. Here are some of the psychologist-approved tips which will serve as your guide in choosing the right colors for your interior home.


Understand The Psychological Effects Of The Colors

It is important that the effects of the colors to our mood and mind


This color is known for its calming and refreshing properties. Many associates this with the sky and heaven, therefore adding more to that heavenly and peaceful vibe. This color best painted in bedrooms.


Aside from being the color of summer, this one signifies happiness and optimism. The color yellow tends to cheer everyone up, whether it is gloomy or rainy outside. It is also definitely for people who are attracted to modern styles.


This intense color is known to raise energy levels. It can trick your mind into pumping more adrenalin and getting you more excited than before. When painted in a living room, it is said to stimulate conversation among people and visitors.


It is another color which gives excitement and stirs up energy levels to people. While this is not ideal for living rooms, this can be painted on home gym rooms to get your adrenaline pumping and set you on exercise mood.


It is the color of purity and innocence. In theory and application, the color white creates an illusion of making small spaces broader and more significant.


This shade is the color of wealth, royalty, elegance, and sophistication. It can be with jewel tones and other neutral colors which suits up to a girl’s bedroom.


The color of nature usually signifies abundance and good luck. It also looks pleasing and serene to the eyes, especially in the city where trees and greens are not that common outside. When paired with white, it can be best painted in a bedroom, living room, or a home office.

Know Your And Your Family’s Personalities

Especially on each of the rooms, the color of the walls should depend on your family members’ personalities. We all have different tastes and styles. Colors that will match these own styles are much better, especially to our bedrooms to where we stay most of the time.

Since people tend to dwell in the bedrooms longer than in any part of the house, it is best that the vibe of these rooms is uplifting. Make sure that the color of the bedroom matches what the owner (or occupier of the said room) expects to see when he is bored, down, or just tired. Trust us; it helps with their emotional and mental health abilities.

Learn Where To Put The Warm And Cool Colors


Homeowners have this mistake of picking either the brightest or the most saturated color for their homes. The result is something not likable, especially if the chosen color of the furniture does not match with that of the walls.

Look at your house and the interiors as a whole and find where the soft colors should be placed. Keep in mind that furniture should match the colors of the wall, or it would be a disaster. Browse catalogs or ask help from someone expert in the field for complete guidance.

Scan Magazines To Find Color Inspirations


House magazines are not there for nothing. They are meant to inspire homeowners to follow such design and let them add their twist and personality to the template.

House magazines are also good sources of ideas in case your mind is full of concepts which you cannot visualize as a whole. It is also an excellent start to identify your wants and no-nos when it comes to house painting. You may find a particular color that you do not want. Or find a specific hue that may seem lacking in brightness that you may fix to your liking for your house.

Color is more than just a part of design and style. Different hues and shades carry with them psychological effects which can lighten your mood, stir up excitement, boost confidence, and even bring out the best in you. Plan ahead and carefully find the perfect brightness, warmth, and saturation for each interior wall of your place of abode.

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