Tips And Tricks To Make Small Spaces Bigger


A little bit of creative thinking is all it takes to create an illusion of a bigger space, despite a small condo unit. A small space requires practicality to make use of every inch available to you. The compromise would have to be made to interior design, but with a few creative tricks, a comfortable life in the unit can be achieved. Below are a few tips on how best to maximize a small condo unit.

Bring In Natural Light

Light and color give in to each other naturally. Light hues are a vital part of this, so make sure to select one for space. Also, the accessories need to be in soft or cool colors. The result would be an airy look on the area. To complete this effect, the flow of sunlight into the house/unit should be ensured, and to maintain the windows’ cleanliness at all times. Opening the curtains during the daytime is also recommended.



Stick To One Color

As much as possible, it is advised to keep to a single general color and its variants. Walls and floors will have to be on a lighter shade. Smaller accent pieces and trimmings can take up a darker shade. The coherence made by sticking to one color line saves the room from looking cluttered, which draws even more attention to how small space already is. 

Open Up Paths

It may seem a no-brainer, but clutter tends to occur on solo occupiers, as busy people like them are too tired to clean up as much as need be. However, the fact remains that a small space does vastly benefit from organization and tidiness. In this regard, unnecessary décor should be skipped, keeping to minimal accessories as possible. Besides, setting the furniture towards the walls, leaving a bit of a gap between, can work wonders for your floor area.

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Add Mirrors

A mirror can best help create the illusion of space due to the doubling effect they naturally possess. They may be quite an investment, but they’re lovely for smaller rooms. Position them near a light source, or across the window to “double” the flo or area.

Invest On Multifunctional Pieces

Multifunction pieces are a big help to small spaces. Instead of needing two separate pieces, which occupy more space, it lessens the space expense in the room. Stackables, 2-in1s, transforming pieces are the order of the day for small spaces.

Decorate Vertically

Full pieces may not be the best for a small space, especially if the area lacks horizontally. Vertical pieces can be helpful to divert attention away from the fact that the room is indeed small. Taller shelves, vertical décor, drapes that extend to the ceiling from the floor can do that for you.

Use Lightweight Furniture Or Fixture

Heavy-set items take up more space than slim ones and also look like it. Look for streamlined pieces and space-smart pieces and fixtures to decorate your space. Pieces with visible legs, like sofas, chairs, and tables, are recommended for their look of spaciousness. Beware, however, stocking one too many big things, as this may take vertical space better utilized for wall installations to draw the eyes up.

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