Comfy Home Is A Lovely Home


During the hot summer months, you would prefer your house to be simple, allowing the cool breeze to flow smoothly. However, during the cold winter months, you would prefer your home to be comfortable and warm. Below are some tips on how to make your house more comfortable.

Change Your Bed Sheets

During summer, linen or cotton should be used. However, during winter, flannel is ideal. Exchange your sateen bed sheets with ones that will keep the warmth in such as jersey or flannel. And while you are changing your bedsheets, put a throw blanket or a quilt at the foot of your bed so you can use them for unusually cold nights.

Put Slippers Near The Door

Preventing your feet from feeling chilly is one of the first steps towards feeling comfortable. Put a pair of comfy slippers near the main door of your home. As soon as you enter your home, you can then take off your shoes and put on the soft sandals. You will then be cozy the second you enter your home. A bonus is that your shoes will not be spreading salt and snow from the sidewalk all over your floor.

Use Snug Throw Pillows

You now have a reason to indulge in large furry pillows. Put two or more throw pillows on your couch to make your living room feel and look more comfortable. Alternatively, you can switch the covers of your pillows into something more comfortable and warm. You can use luxurious velvet, wooly cable knit, or nubby boucle.


Use Rugs To Warm Your Feet

During the hot summer months, using flat-weave and sisal rugs is a beautiful idea. But during the cold winter months, you will prefer something thicker. If your budget is limited and you cannot afford a large area rug, you can put layers of rugs in inappropriate places around the house such as in front of your couch, under the breakfast counter or beside your bed.

Use Warm-Toned Lights

During the winter months, the sun sets earlier. Because of this, you might want to sleep at an earlier time. You should resist this temptation. However, you should not use the usual unpleasant overhead lights to keep you awake. Use table lamps fitted with LED light bulbs that have a warm tone. They will provide you with a comfortable glow similar to candlelight.

Use Warm Curtains

During the hot summer months, having sheer linen window curtains is a great idea. But for the cold winter months, you should use velvet curtains or any thick curtain that has a thermal lining. Not only will they make the room comfortable and warm, but they will also provide insulation for the room by preventing cold air from entering through leaks in the windows.

Change The Cover Of Your Sofa

If your sofa has a slipcover, you can change the slipcover into something warmer during the cold winter months. Even if your couch does not have a slipcover, you can still use a warm slipcover if the sofa is a standard size. Instead of the usual white cotton slipcover, use slipcovers that have a softer fabric and a deep jewel tone. This will give your living room a more comfortable feel.

Put Layers In Your Kitchen

Put a kitchen rug before the sink. Place a tablecloth or a runner on top of the kitchen table. Put slipcovers over the chairs. These will make the kitchen feel warmer.


Display Memorable Pictures

Pictures will not make a room warmer. However, they will warm your heart.

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